Laura Lorenzo, Portela Do Vento Tinto 2019

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100% Mencía


Amandi, Ribiera Sacra, Galicia, Spain

From the importer-

Laura has pieced together 4.5 hectares of rented and owned vineyards with the majority of the parcels 80-120 years old. She produces a wide range of wines, from a Ribeira Sacra regional wine called Portela do Vento, to Manzaneda village wines called Erea, Gavela, and Azos de Vila, to single parish or vinos de parroquia wines such as Azos de Pobo Soutipedre, with single parcel wines on the horizon.
For her estate vineyards, Laura describes her farming as “agro-ecology with minimal impact.” She works with techniques that nurture life in the soils that have been decimated by years of industrial agriculture, to create a healthy and thriving ecosystem for her old bush vines. All work is carried out manually, with some biodynamic preparations utilized.
In the winery, Laura’s winemaking is decidedly low tech and non-interventionist. She ferments with native yeasts and works with little sulfur. The wine is moved by gravity whenever possible, and the wines are not fined or filtered. Laura and Daterra’s over-arching philosophy: “We seek for the future through agriculture, which means years of work in the vineyard…our grapes give good information, and let us know where the wine wants to go."