Cutter Cascadia - Dolcetto

Cutter Cascadia - Dolcetto "Ashes to Ashes" 2019

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From the importer -

I like this wine a lot; it is brisk, with dark fruit, savory yet also beautifully perfumed, with sweet-fruit aromatics, fresh and mineral. I wrote to Michael and told him how much I dug the wine, adding that "I'm not really a Dolcetto kinda guy," not really knowing if anyone really considered themselves a "Dolcetto" person. Michael responded:"Yeah I get it, there really aren't Dolcetto people out there, like say there are Nebbiolo or Pinot or RIESLING people, but Dolcetto was always appealing to me simply because of my background in Italian wine. It's soif-fy and serious all at the same time. I make it for immediate consumption of course and it's pretty and floral and plummy (I like the spice on the 2019 due to the whole cluster), but it can age pretty well too, with all of its tannins. From the standpoint of where the Gorge is currently, it remains, I think, one of the varietals that is really well suited to the climate here, although it remains a difficult grape to manage. It's very sensitive, in short, to literally everything. The block I farm at von Flowtow [the site], at nearly 1000 feet, was my first vineyard out of my viticulture classes. I think I have a pretty deep understanding of that place, at least my vines (there only like 477 of them at last count). To be fair, this parcel is the rug rat of the vineyard, always looking a little like hell, especially late summer on, but I always liked the fruit and the wines despite how gnarly it is. It's the ugly mutt that has a lot of personality. I've often conjectured that it's the problems (like trunk disease) that give it character (and I even ran an experiment in 2017 that gives this some credence to this theory, but that's for another day).