La Biancara-Angiolino Maule - Veneto Frizzante Garg'n'Go 2019

La Biancara-Angiolino Maule - Veneto Frizzante Garg'n'Go 2019

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Veneto, Italy 

Organic, Biodynamic, No Added Sulfur 

From the importer - 

The Garg'n'Go is an exciting product from Garganega grapes vinified in stainless steel wine, bottled in late April and fermented in the bottle. For the refermentation, dried Garganega grape must is used, therefore rich in sugars and indigenous yeasts, which is added to the wine just before bottling. Disgorgement is not done, so residues of fermentation yeasts and the solid parts that compose them remain in the bottom.

La Biancara was born in 1988 by Angiolino Maule and his wife, Rosamaria. Before, they had worked for twelve years as pizza makers, but now they are dedicating themselves to the viticulture, their passion. At the beginning of 80s they bought a plot of land, about six hectares, in the hills of Sorio di Gambellara, where they built their house and winery. In these first years they planted a lot of their vineyards.

Both in vineyard and in cellar, Nature is the core idea of our personal wine philosophy, which, from the beginning, is always expressed by our production . Our first label was Sassaia, a white wine which, even now, expresses in the best way our land and vine variety: Garganega. From the beginning, our work and vision is characterised by the constantly research of quality and ecological integrity.

Now, Angiolino works with his elder sons: Francesco and Alessandro, while the younger are Giacomo and Tommaso. We work together and we had built a new winery and bought other vineyards, but we always try to improve ourselves and the authenticity of our wines is a must. Currently, the expansion of the vineyards owned is about eleven hectares and four hectares are rented, two of these are on Sossano’s hills (Colli Berici), an ideal area to cultivate Grenache. All the vineyards are between 90 and 260 meter above sea level.

La Biancara is a family-run business, and we want it last so at all the stages: the work in the vineyard, in the cellar and the sales. Furthermore, we have a hundred of old olive trees and some cherry-trees, figs, apricots and peach-trees with which Rosamaria produce jam by adding only sugar.