Les Jardins De Theseiis, Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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100% Sauvignon Blanc


Loire Valley, France

Anouk & Paul moved to the region from Montréal, Canada in 2016 and began working with Bruno Allion on his vineyard. Bruno Allion has been working as natural as possible, instilling organic and biodynamic practices and certification into his winemaking and farming as far back as 1997. Setting the tone for natural winemaking in the region, his estate has been highly regarded and was passed down to Anouk & Paul when Allion retired later in 2016. After producing the 2018 vintage together with Allion, Anouk & Paul put out their first independent vintage in 2019.

Les Jardins de Theseiis refers to the very ancient history of the village of Thésée, a populated area with a 2000-year history dating back from the Romans which formerly beared the name of Theseiis in the 1500s. The duo have an incredible pedigree inside the wine world and out. Both biologists and researchers in the field of respiratory diseases, with a passion for wine, they came to study in Montpellier and Italy and worked with various estates including the likes of Mark Angeli and Chateau Palmer.

Their wines are barrel-aged and sulfur-free. Bruno's cellar is a very old one, dug directly into the sandstone hills keeping it naturally cool all year long. They favour long and homogeneous fermentation. The whites are aged in used Burgundy barrels, and the reds in second-hand barrels from Chateau Palmer. They show great confidence, depth and personality.