Peter Wetzer - Sopron Brut Nature Peti Nat Kékfrankos Rosé NV

Peter Wetzer - Sopron Brut Nature Peti Nat Kékfrankos Rosé NV

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100% Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch)

Organic, Vegan, Unfined, Unfiltere, No Sulfur Added 

Transdanubia, Hungary

From the importer-

Peter Wetzer grew up in a winemaking family, and while he studied the world of wine he came to realize he vastly preferred the wines that were made more naturally. In 2007 he purchased five different vineyards around the town of Sopron, in the northwest part of Hungary. Sopron was formerly the capital of Burgenland, so it is not surprising that the Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) variety is so commonly found here. Peter works Kékfrankos on five different vineyard sites comprising 2.5 hectares and additionally has 1 hectare of furmint vines he planted himself near the Ság volcano, and another hectare of vines from a few different varieties like Pinot Noir. He works to have very healthy soil, with natural biodiversity, and minimum spraying with copper sulfate and a nettle tincture he makes. He believes in minimal intervention in the vines, never tilling the soil or trimming the leaves. All grapes are hand harvested, and the vineyards are all fermented separately.