Château Lafitte - Jurançon Orange Vin Naturel 2018 500ml

Château Lafitte - Jurançon Orange Vin Naturel 2018 500ml

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100% Petit Manseng

Certified Biodynamic, Vegan, No Sulfur Added

Jurançon, Southwest France, France

From the importer-

100 % petit Manseng, dry wine, orange wine, harvested the second half of September. Vinification without added wine products, not even sulphites. Wine from a 21-day maceration between its grapes and its juice. Fermented and aged naturally in a terracotta amphora. Its black-gold color will seduce you. The flexibility of its tannins will enchant you. The most beautiful and original pairings are possible on this wine. Dare try it and tell us about it. We love it. Can be enjoyed like a light-red wine. Can age up to 10 years.

Château Lafitte is an old Seigneurial residence of the 14th century, full of charm and intimacy, nestled in the heart of an exceptional, peaceful and hilly plant environment. It is located in Monein, between Pau and Oloron-Sainte-Marie, in the Atlantic Pyrenees, France.

The oldest evidence found in the archives reveals the existence of Château Lafitte in the 14th century, but the castle in its current configuration is the result of work done in the 16th century. The land was then a vast agricultural property, with vines and wine already being an important activity on the estate.

The current owners of Château Lafitte, Philippe and Brigitte Arraou, have been trying for thirty years to restore the family spirit it once had, around a project that has always been a dream for them: to revive the wine production. Since 2012, it is their son Antoine, passionate winemaker committed to the preservation of the environment, who manages the estate. He has evolved the culture from organic farming to biodynamics and has opened the way to natural wines. He produces high-quality wines, while respecting the balance of the land and the vine.

The spirit of Château Lafitte favors pleasure and conviviality, where enjoying life accompanies skills, animated by a warm and perfectionist team. In the vineyards, in the winery and at the table, the goal is none other than to share the result of a generous land and of a passionate work, in harmony with nature.

Our five-hectare vineyard is made in equal parts of Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng grapes. We also grow a wide variety of plants, including fruits and cereals. Sheep in winter, bees the rest of the time, contribute to the superb biodiversity of our fields.

We have always applied in them organic farming methods, but in addition to implementing this specification, which bans all use of synthetic chemicals, we have imposed an additional requirement: the one of biodynamics. It is more a question of the living, in its entirety. Biodynamics is found in the ancient principles of agriculture, with its social, human, environmental and even astral dimensions.

All the living forces of nature contribute to our project. We are convinced that there is the possibility of a development that goes in the right direction, that is, the one of sustainable agriculture.

The result? It is a surprising, delicious and particularly healthy grape, a quality we can be proud of. It is the result of a lot of man power, a sensitive and serious work. Our approach is subject to controls by the Qualisud organization and a certification through the Demeter brand. We therefore act sustainably, and in total transparency for all care brought to the vines; and for the work done in the winery as well.

The wines of Château Lafitte are the result of a work that closely links man to nature. The only intermediary between them, the winery. It had to be in line with our vision of vines and wines. To do this, we built a new building in 2018: a superb work tool, signed by the Palois architect Geoffroy Boulin. We wanted this space to comply with our requirements, here are its main features:

Autonomous in terms of its electricity consumption thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic roof. Collecting rainwater for cleaning our farm machinery. Buried and equipped with a Canadian well, to benefit from a natural and constant freshness. Built on several levels to use the principle of gravity for wine circulation. Our winery has all the environmental assets in its favor. It allows us to work in the best hygienic conditions, which is very important in natural winemaking.