Folicello - Il Rosso Lambrusco Ancestrale 2018

Folicello - Il Rosso Lambrusco Ancestrale 2018

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100% Lambrusco Grasparossa

Certified Organic (CCPB), No Sulfur Added

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Imported by Scuola di Vino

From the producer-

A fresh, sweet-smelling, sapid and aromatic wine accompanied by a delightful floral scent. Making a bottle fermentation wine today means bringing an old tradition back to life and, with the help of modern winemaking techniques it’s possible to obtain a wine of high quality with unique tasting notes. The yeasts present in each bottle drain the sugars of the wine thus producing carbon dioxide, that is kept inside the product giving to it a fine perlage. Once all the sugars depleted, the yeasts lay down at the bottom of the bottle and, being in contact with the product continue to give a typical scent to the wine. As a result the lees that we find in these bottles are proof of the vitality of this wine. Excellent with meat, roast and cheese.

We are Antonella and Marco and in 1980, when we began, it was fun, we intended to produce a wholesome glass of wine for ourselves and for some friends of ours. Today our farm is endowed with a new small but efficent cellar, where we make wine with the grapes we pick in our vineyards, and with a laboratory where we produce jams and other products made with grapes, all organic.

We have lived in the countryside for great part of our life, learning to appreciate its value and discovering the potential it offers, above all in the quality of life. Our lifestyle is due to our desire for discovering and sharing with our customers the big value added of a biological vine-growing and wine-producing production of a qualitative high-level. When we began, organic products were a bet, nevertheless we have based our farm on that.

For some years our daughters have joined us in this fantastic adventure proud of carrying on the family tradition.