Bainbridge and Cathcart - Cuvée La Danseuse 2019

Bainbridge and Cathcart - Cuvée La Danseuse 2019

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100% Grolleau


Loire Valley, France

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From the importer-

Toby Bainbridge is from England. During his training at the agricultural school he did a foreign internship in the Loire, where he came into contact with the wine industry. After obtaining his diploma, he worked for a period on a large farm in Oklahoma. There he met his wife Julie. After a while Toby withdrew with his brand new wife back to the United Kingdom. His plan was to start a farm there. That did not happen ... When Toby went to the Loire to buy wine for his wedding party, he was immediately offered a job at a vintner!

After some wandering, he ended up with Agnes and René Mosse, where he worked for years, and gained experience with biological and biodynamic work. In addition, from 2007 on, he started slowly but surely working his own vineyards and making his own wine, especially from the local grape groslot (or grolleau). And of course completely organic and biodynamic. He strives for honest, pure drinking wines, which he also bottles in transparent bottles, closed with a crown cap. What you see is what you get! He does not filter or clear his wines, and bottles them with some natural carbonic acid and almost entirely without sulfites.

Many Groslot vineyards have been cleared, but Bainbridge still has a field with very old sticks (naturally very low yields). In addition, he has cabernet franc and chenin blanc. Toby has removed the poles and wiring in most vineyards, the vines are now "bush vines", and they are surrounded by grass and wild plants and flowers. The vineyard is a real "wine garden," full of life. Insects, butterflies, followers. 

He strives to make simple wine, but very good simple wine. Mission accomplished!